1. FlixFlix

    New diverter spout is restrictive even when open; lotta water goes up to the shower. Solutions without a shower head switch or a new valve?

    New tub spout (with diverter) is pretty restrictive even when fully open. It sends a good portion of water up to the shower. Is there any way to fix things without a shutoff switch on the shower head or replacing the Moentrol with a transfer valve? Current setup: ½ Moentrol 20” above spout, 45”...
  2. D

    Help with low water pressure/flow

    Hey Everyone, I have recently installed a water softener with pre filters and post filters. My setup is 5gpm well with pressure tank 40/60 system, 50 micron spin down filter, 25 micron - 4.5 x 20", water softener, 5 micron - 4.5 x 10", and 9gpm UV light. The issue I am having is I can't get any...
  3. Tubby

    CSV considerations for my old system

    TLDR: I am interested in installing a CSV, and this has prompted me to take a closer look at my system. Apparently, I will need to increase my pressure setting to use a CSV; this I have concerns about, not knowing the possible consequences. Any insights are welcome. The components are old, but...
  4. S

    New service line to hilltop at distance.

    Hey guys, I’ve read a lot of posts on the forum, but I think I’ve got a situation different enough to warrant a separate post. I want to run a water line to a new house site on my land from county water at the street. I understand that a well is an option, but let’s please keep that out of...
  5. Brian Kehlmeier

    Okay to use Pex B for a new addition?

    I am down to the last part of my room addition; the supply lines. I have always used copper, but my friend has a Pex B crimp tool and I know it would be a huge time saver, plus less time in the crawl space. I currently have 3/4" supply coming into the house that feeds the water heater. Every...
  6. I

    Low pressure & flow problem

    I've been experiencing low water pressure and flow. I started checking it over the last few weeks. Pressure fluctuates but it usually hovers between 12 and 24 PSI. Flow also fluctuates. The best I've measured is 1.5 GPM, but that's rare. It's been as low as almost 0.5 GPM at times. I let...
  7. J

    2 houses 1 well, would like to be able to have them work independently

    I have done a lot of searching for this issue, but none of the threads I can find seem to have this particular question I have 1 well, a small cabin 75 feet away, and my sometimes home is maybe 150 feet from the well, I would like to run the water lines to the houses so that I can have both...
  8. C

    Gas dryer install

    I’m installing a gas dryer. I went and bought a GE gas dryer installation kit which includes a 1/2” OD Stainless steel gas connector. I’m noticing that the gas pipe in from the house looks like it’s 1”. Is it okay to use this 1/2” gas connector with the 1” pipe coming from the source?
  9. V

    Can you add a larger pressure tank after filter?

    Hello all, I am having problems with the water pressure in my house and am getting even more pressure from my wife to fix it. This is my first home with a well system and i dont have too much knowledge on plumbing and well systems. Your expert help would be greatly appreciated. When I turn on...
  10. Dwafford13

    Problem with shower pressure balance valve

    New construction, I installed two shower faucets with pressure balance valves. When the valve is turned on on one of them, nothing happens, no flow at all. On the other one, after it has been shut off for a while, it will flow some at first, but the flow quickly ramps down to a trickle and...
  11. Borisj

    Do I need 12” vertical brass stubs on this Rheem Water Heater?

    Hello, I’m installing a Rheem Marathon 50-gal water heater, in a 2nd floor, where it’ll service only the 1st floor (so it kinda has a “built in” heat trap since the pipe only goes down). Been trying to contact Rheem for 2 weeks with no response. There’s no code official here for me to ask either...
  12. CamKiyomi

    Sewage Ejector not completely sealed

    Hey all! First post so go easy on me. Just finished roughing in my house. I capped all my lines and went to throw 5 psi of air into the DWV system to check for leaks. Couldn't build any pressure at all so I started looking around. Shot a bunch of soapy water around my sewage ejector basin. It...
  13. Rob36

    Pressure issue, older mobile home

    I'm new here so I'm sorry if there is a thread on what I'm experiencing. I've replaced my pressure tank (20gal as the old was that size), new pressure switch (40/60), new check valve on the pressure tank tee, well pump was tested with an ampmeter and told by a plumber its reading was fine I...
  14. TheOverThinker

    11 units of apartments -- cold feed flowing through two 100 gallon tanks in 1" copper?

    I'm reactivating a 1980's era solar thermal system that's been out of service for about 15-20 years. It's all working now, but I have a concern. The potable water solar loop has two 100 gallon tanks. The tank hot goes via 1" pipe to meet the 2" cold feed to the 120 gallon commercial gas water...
  15. Theant

    Super low sink pressure when washer or toilets run

    Background: house built in 1986, well water, pressure tank. I do all the plumbing, but we only bought the house a couple years ago, so problems may or may not be my fault :) Water pressure in our sinks is normally really good. It's great in the showers. But when the washing machine is...
  16. Nay

    Low water pressure after remodel

    Hello. I had to change my entire shower and I put a shutoff valve on the cold and hot water lines. They stayed off (and uncapped- I only recently learned about caps) for just over 2 months. The line goes bathroom sink-> shower-> kitchen sink. Ever since I put the shut off valves on, the water...
  17. Lukasny

    Dropping water pressure after neutralize refill

    My water pressure started to act up right after company added neutralizer. When I turn on water it will go almost normally but within seconds starts to drop pressure. I can't use sink and shower at the same time. When I bypass softener pressure is constant and strong. Any ideas what is...
  18. Evan K

    Increase City Water PSI

    Hello All I've recently done a whole bathroom renovation and installed 6 body sprays. In order to get 2gpm out of each head they require 80 psi. The good people at Moen failed to mention that when i had them help me pick out the pieces for my bathroom remodel. I have about 60 psi with...
  19. Wendell G Boyd

    Commercial plumbing

    I’m doing a job that requires 8 new commercial motion sensor toilets and 8 motion faucets. The pressure from main water line coming to the building is around 45psi to 50psi. I am to run 1” water lines for max pressure. I feel I may need more pressure running these commercial toilets. A pressure...
  20. Kevin Boggs

    Basement Sink Additions

    Evening gentlemen and ladies. I recently added a utility sink, on the unfinished side of our basement, and just finished adding a bar sink, on the finished side. The house is newer construction and uses CPVC for all the supply lines. I branched off the 3/4 inch going to and coming from the hot...
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