1. Chuck Shaughnessy

    Preferred piping for direct-bury water line to Greenhouse

    I will be running a water line from an existing line at a frost-free hydrant to a new greenhouse. There are SO MANY new options for type of piping - PVC, flexible PVC, PE, PEX ... and on and on. Can someone recommend thoughts on best piping to use for this? Probably 3/4 inch but perhaps 1...
  2. mcfall9

    Sewage Ejector questions. Wet Vent

    I am installing a bathroom in the basement I have to pump up to the drain. For lack of a better name the "Sewer Crock, pump" will need to be vented. Do I have to tie into and existing vent upstairs that runs to the attic-roof or can I tie into the sewer drain and use a wet vent ?
  3. Joegambler0

    Professional DIY advice for new built

    Hi everyone, Going to move soon from FL to Costa Rica and build an off grid Quonset hut. Looking for expert opinions on my choices of plumbing supplies that I am taking with me for the plumbing system. I am in maintenance now and want a good, least trouble free and long lasting system. Rinnai...
  4. GaryMetro

    End of Gas Piping Run Capacity Issue

    For 70' my iron natural gas piping is oversized, mostly 1-1/4" with 1" at the end. I want to extend 5' to a gas log burner which wants 110-130K btus. But the route is super tight (width-wise, no tight bends), and 1/2" CSST is the only reasonable logistical choice. Per sizing/length schedule I...
  5. garrett1199

    OUTSIDE SPIGOT 7/8inch?? help!

    Replacing an outside leaky faucet. Problem is the piping coming off the house is ~7/8inch (I tried both half inch and 1 inch just to try). They do not sell outside faucet in a 7/8inch so I started looking for an adapter but really having no luck on that front. Could someone link an adapter or...
  6. Xavier Eastway

    Outdoor wood boiler and tankless back up plumbing

    Hello! New to hydronic heating greatly looking forward to your advice to do this effectively. Wondering how you would pipe this setup and if configuration is well ordered, a diagram would be greatly appreciated, trying to keep it simple and tight: Outdoor wood boiler providing primary heat runs...
  7. Cadobe

    Venting Navien Combi for high temperature design

    From the manual on page 44: "In high temperature applications, the exhaust temperature can exceed 149°F (65°C). In that case, you must use Schedule 40 or 80 CPVC or Approved Polypropylene in the USA or Type BH Special Gas Vent Class IIB (CPVC) or Class IC (Polypropylene) that conforms to...
  8. AJ3


    This house was built in 2009. Is this dezincification? Thanks for any input.
  9. Alexandra Untied

    Plumbing Pipes

    Hi everyone! I am a senior Managerial Marketing student at Kent State University. For my senior project, I am collecting insight from plumbers like you on plumbing pipes. I will then analyze these results and present a solution and marketing campaign based on your feedback. If you could please...
  10. Chris needs help

    Natural Gas supply improvement

    OK, I can't believe how difficult it has been to find information/know-how regarding what seems to be a very straight forward problem / solution. My current NG supply is 6 wc, which after making appliance additions to my residence now is inadequate (current demand is 400 BTU max for 6 NG...
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