1. R

    Help! Pipe problem - tub to shower conversion

    Had to pull the tub out. It was the original 1970s tub and it had many cracks, it was squishy when you stepped on it. When I pulled it out I found that 1. The drain was not connected, so all the water was just dumping under the tub and into the hole in the ground. 2. The main drain pipe was...
  2. mcat

    Cast iron pipe to pvc - connection questions

    Hey all, My kitchen sink no longer drains at all which upon closer investigation looks like it's a cast iron pipe that I believe is just blocked or rusted shut now. ( what initially was thought to be a clogged p-trap, turned out after cleaning, to be a wolverine brass p-trap that had eroded so...
  3. JoeThomas

    PVC/Metal Pipe Weight Capacity

    My daughter is in ballet, and we were going to make Do your own (DIY) Ballet Barre. Also my 10 year old son wants to do pull ups (or just hang his weight, he's around 100 pounds). Just curious what is the weight capacity, if someone were to hang on this DIY ballet barre, before I start making...
  4. Jay Beth

    Easy Answer: Water Flow?

    I want water to flow in two different directions, all from one source, kind of like a T-type ball valve. However, I don't want to spend excess money on T-type ball valves that have the ability to alter water flow by the handle. Instead, what I would like specifically is a pipe/tube fitting that...
  5. Spoolofpipe

    Pipes hissing, goes away when WH supply is off

    Gents need some advice Yesterday I went to use the facilities in the middle of the night and I heard a hissing noise (generally I can barely hear myself think with my wife and daughters haha jk) I lumbered around and couldnt find a louder spot, I thought it might just be my sprinklers which...
  6. Peter Dim

    Crooked Valve - How Did This Happen??

  7. PiscesDragon212

    How Well Do Water Chillers Work?

    I live in an old apartment building built in the 1920s. I have an issue where my cold tap water takes 5-10 minutes to get cold. I'm thinking this might be due to the fact that the hot and cold water pipes are uninsulated and/or they're too close together. I don't think my building staff is going...
  8. Hugh Hughes

    Old home, old plumbing

    I live in a very old farm house, built in the 1800's dirt floors in the basement. The plumbing is very old, so old if one person has a faucet running, pressure everywhere else drops. If you have the washer on(which trumps all other water) the shower trickles out, along with every other faucet...
  9. Alexandra Untied

    Plumbing Pipes

    Hi everyone! I am a senior Managerial Marketing student at Kent State University. For my senior project, I am collecting insight from plumbers like you on plumbing pipes. I will then analyze these results and present a solution and marketing campaign based on your feedback. If you could please...
  10. Tcnjay

    Issue with hot water abruptly shutting off!

    Hi fellow Plumbers. I ran across an issue today that I am at a loss of words for. The issue is that half of the house has low hot water pressure and the other half is fine. This is also poly pipe. When I turn on the hot water on the left side of the house (ie. kitchen sink, bathroom faucet...
  11. Gokudomo

    Complete system clog

    Alright, so after multiple attempts using draino and 1/4" snake auger I still have a clogged system. I went to home Depot and picked up a 1/2" 50' snake auger. Went under the house to the cleanout end, opened it up and shoved pretty much all 50' into the straight pipe pushing in and out...
  12. Kelly GL

    Low pitched hum in pipes going outside

    Hi there! I'm having a strange issue with my copper water piping in our cellar. We are on a well, so the water comes in and is split, with one side going to our filtration/softening system for inside water and the other side going to the outside faucet and irrigation system. The side going...
  13. K

    WashaLot Handwashing Station

    Hi, I am building a hand washing station in a rural village and the country that I am in does not have sealing discs or the unions to fit the sealing discs. I was wondering if anybody had an alternative material to use for sealing discs? I have attached a video of how to build the station and a...
  14. Deavon Walden

    Fixing Pipes in Basement Under Kitchen Sink

    New to plumbing work, but incredibly interested in anything DIY. Only problem right now is money, but I know it's cheaper to fix things myself, rather than pay a professional to do something I could learn to do myself...that being said, here is my problem: We had our pipes snaked a few weeks...
  15. Kickassness

    Water Pipes Howling/Whining

    The other night my girlfriend and I were sleeping in bed when at around 5am we heard some whining. We thought it was our dog, but when we checked, he was asleep. The noise continued and after some investigation, we concluded it was our water pipes. We could not, and still cannot, find the...
  16. vivian

    Gushing noise in kitchen pipes when neighbour runs faucet

    Hello, I live on the 2nd floor of an 11 story condo. The building is about 12 years old and the hot/cold pipes under my kitchen sink are copper. Lately, whenever one of my neighbours runs their faucet, I hear a very loud gushing sound under my kitchen sink/ from the pipes; when I touch the...
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