1. btPlumber

    Backwashing a Manganese / Iron filter to septic

    I have a minor iron / Manganese problem but no smell or taste issues. Recent water test: 142 mg/l (ppm) hardness Iron .071 mg/L Manganese .095 mg/L I’ve purchased a Pro-Aqua filter...
  2. Dwest36

    Very hard water, Dumb blonde, water softener not programmed correctly. Fleck 5600se, please help!!

    Hello friends! Complete idiot here, and believe me I’ve tried everything before I reached out here. Basically I have hard water that is unresolved. My landlord is extremely unhelpful, unfriendly, etc..I have what I believe is an air injection DUAL tank fleck 5600se. That’s what’s printed on the...
  3. Ĝan Ŭesli Starling

    Ozone Injection Generators: Preferred makes & models?

    If I decide to go with a Katalox Lite iron-reduction system, I then must choose an ozone-generating unit. Not just AIO, but AIO3, owing to iron bacteria. I understand as follows, that: A) the UV variety have lower output but are less picky about low humidity; and also B) the electrical discharge...
  4. Dcoop

    Serious Water Trouble

    Hello, My wife and I moved into a house 3 years ago with bad water. We invested in a higher end Kinnetico system thinking we should nip it in the bud, but our water never really improved to the point we wanted it to. This spring after much frustration with the company that sold us that...
  5. Old Barn

    Updating home water treatment on well

    We are dealing with high hardness and iron / manganese well water and a sulfur smell at both the cold and hot taps. In high flow conditions (filling tub or upstairs shower) black sediment comes from the hot water heater. Degree of smell seems to change with the seasons (especially at cold...
  6. Wodoerson

    Lab Results in, treatment system questions.

    I just got my lab results back and want to run it by the very knowledgeable and helpful crowd here. The overall goal of the treatment system is no staining, no odor, and drinkable for the entire family (I'm ok with the current setup but not everyone else is). Abbreviated lab results from...
  7. RileyS13

    Katalox Light Questions

    Installed Clack ws1 on a 10x54 tank with 1.5cf katalox light to deal with 3.5mg/l iron & 0.4 manganese with no success. Pretty sure irb (discovered after setting up this system) is the fly in the ointment. Am considering chlorine regen but have questions: Wondering about not having enough...
  8. SuzanneB

    1st Time Homeowner Well Woes

    Let me start by saying I've been scouring the web to try and figure out what to do for my water situation. Only finding bits and pieces that pertain to me I thought it best to just lay out my situation and see if I could get answers here. I am CLEARLY not a plumber so I'll lay out as much...
  9. Bdiggs

    Katalox-Light or Filox Regeneration with an Oxidant Questions

    Hello again! Being on a well system I just can't seem to stay away from this forum. Thank you all so much for sharing your knowledge. I was wondering if I could tap you guys for some information on regenerating Manganese Dioxide medias with a regenerate (specifically H2O2 or Chlorine). For...
  10. fireman61


    Got the tests back on the new well we drilled. It's pretty hard, 14 gpg, but that was expected. The only thing that jumps out at me is the manganese level is really high. 0.432 mg/L. Way above the recommended .05 mg/L. Would a katalox light system be the best way to go? Or are there other...
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