fleck 5810

  1. Vaig

    Fleck 5810 sxt ER 4

    Hello, Can someone please help me with the ER 4 on my fleck 5810 sxt and how can i fix it?
  2. petrelli11

    Fleck 5810 meter registering higher than actual usage

    Hi, I got a brand new fleck 5810 water softener (1 cubic foot tank) 3 months ago. I have been suspicious that the water meter is registering higher than actual water usage. (e.g. I use 100 gallons and the fleck's display says I have used 160 gallons). I have been measuring and writing below...
  3. Dmlaero

    Source for Fleck 5810 Piston & Seal Assembly 61956-01

    Looking to see if anyone has a source with known stock of a 61956-01 Piston & Seal Assembly for a Fleck 5810 water softener valve. My water softener has been out of service for over a month because I am unable to find this part. I have it on order with two suppliers, but promised delivery...
  4. GLT

    Wrong Injector in Fleck 5810?

    I believe my Fleck 5810 softener has the wrong injector installed and need some advice on what to do. I have a 9x48 tank with 1 cu/ft resin and city water at 15 grains. My valve has a White injector which I think belongs in at 14"-16" tank. My 9" tank should have a Violet injector according to...
  5. Mrbrady3324

    Fleck 5600 vs 5800/5810

    We recently bought a 100 year old home in Evanston, IL. The home is fitted with a 3/4". We are a family of 3 (hopefully 4 in the future) with 2 dogs. The house has 3.5 bathrooms. Water is hard (8-10ppm) and we would like to address that with a water softener. We are renovating our kitchen so we...
  6. OtherFWord

    Help Selecting Water Softener System

    I am looking to replace my gold series Culligan with something else. I am leaning towards Fleck but open to other options. Culligan came out and recommended to replace my current with an HE1 10". The pricing was just outrageous. I have been looking at the Fleck 5600SXT, 5810SXT and the 5810...
  7. Kevin Craig

    Need help identifying BLFC gpm

    Hi all, I am having a small issue. The back of my 5810 SXT has a sticker that says the BLFC is .125 but the valve came programmed to .5 gpm. I contacted the company I ordered from and they said it's actually a .25 gpm system based on the picture I sent them (attached). I have googled my eyes out...
  8. Marcellus Smith

    Help!! Fleck 5810sxt settings advice.

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and looking for some advice on the correct settings for my newly installed fleck 5810sxt water softener. I installed the system yesterday and today all the tap water inside my home taste very salty. I'm not sure if this is normal. Any advice would be...
  9. Jeremy14

    Fleck 5810 settings

    Hi, we recently bought a Fleck 5810 sxt and I am not sure about the settings on it. These are the data for our water: Hardness: 805 mg/L PH : 7.34 Calcium: 251 mg/L Iron: 1.82 mg/L Magnesium : 43.2 mg/L Manganese: 0.0520 mg/L Sodium : 127 mg/L As you can see our Iron is very high so they...
  10. tdamisch

    Where to buy Fleck 5810?

    What retailers do you all suggest for purchasing a softener with a Fleck 5810 series? Going to be doing the install myself.
  11. RayN

    Help me verify the master programming settings for Fleck 5810 SXT

    Please help me verify the master programming settings for Fleck 5810 SXT with 2.0 Cu Ft of 10% C-L Resin. Thread on water data is located @ https://terrylove.com/forums/index.php?threads/help-me-select-purchase-my-first-water-softener-and-ro-system.72222/ In summary: 6 People @ 65 gallons...
  12. Dmlaero

    Replace Culligan Medalist Plus w/ Fleck 5800-series or Clack WS1.25

    I'm looking for advice on replacing a Culligan Medalist Plus Model 30 water softener installed in the 2006 timeframe. It is not completing the regeneration cycle due to E1 and E2 errors. Not sure if it's a sticking filter pack or a weak motor. Sometimes I can get it to complete the cycle if I...
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