basement bathroom

  1. jeromio

    Basement Bath reno DWV plan

    I made a post earlier about this, but it was kind of a jumbled mess . So now I've clarified some things, here it is again. I'm redoing an ancient basement bathroom/laundry room. This is IPC in North Carolina. The current setup has a long sweep 4in cast iron elbow dipping under the 4in slab and...
  2. M

    ID Builder Rough in Plumbing

    I am trying to ID my Builder installed Rough in Plumbing. 1: Wood on ground for shower or Tube? 2: Small pipe for sink? 3: Large 3 inch with DampRid on top is for toilet? Am I correct in identifying these 3? If so I am still trying to figure out what the intended layout would be...
  3. G

    Which layout works best for basement bathroom? 1950s house Toronto Canada

    Planning on DIYing a 3 piece bathroom in my basement and wondering if one of these layouts and drainage plans are a better option over the other or if there is anything fundamentally wrong about them. Thanks in advance
  4. M

    New Home Basement Bathroom Plumbing

    I'm installing a basement bathroom group in a new home and have a few questions based on the attached basement plumbing layout. 1. Do I need a vent closer to the WC? If yes, how close? What is the code? 2. Is 1/8" pitch enough for a 3" line to a lift pump basket 60' away? That's about 7 1/2"...
  5. IllinoisDIY

    Basement bathroom venting question

    I have roughed in *most* of what we should need for a basement bathroom. However, I am having issues understanding what I need from a venting perspective. We do not have easy access to a main vent stack. Unless we want to rip out walls and vent all the way up through the roof (obviously a last...
  6. AlbertPecoraro

    Basement Bathroom Ohio - Sink, Toilet, Shower into existing rough plumbing

    Hi everyone. First-timer on this forum. I've done some light plumbing DIY projects in the past, but not a complete bathroom. First time dealing with drains and venting. I showed this picture to a local plumber, and he said in Ohio I should be able to configure the plumbing for the 3 fixtures...
  7. Mariposuerte

    Drainage Water Test in Basement pre-slab rough-in

    I am installing the basement drainage rough-in for our cabin in Colorado next week. The basement will have one bathroom group (WC, BT, Vanity) plus a utility sink that will share the vanity drain/vent. This will connect to a sewage ejector basin about 20 feet from the bathroom then will be...
  8. arkanos

    Moving basement bathroom rough-in; cast iron under slab

    I'm planning to finish our basement which includes installing a 3/4 bath. The existing rough-in is terribly placed and basically unusable for anything other than a 1/2 bath, and it would require walling in one of the 2 basement windows. There is an sewage ejector sump that is original to the...
  9. Tony VA

    Can this cast iron drain pipe be cleaned out?

    Hi, I'm a DIYer doing a lot of prep work myself while I wait for a plumber who's got time for my little job. I'm adding a tub in the basement of my 100-year-old house. There was a 4" cast iron floor drain that I believe was used at one point (as in 40-50+ years ago) as the drain for a basement...
  10. Knuckles

    Basement plumbing venting

    Hi all, long time lurker, great info. Currently planning a basement bathroom, vanity, WC, shower. Looking for advice on the venting. Location is in Ontario, Canada. Wondering if: 1) Wet vent is ok from WC to shower? 2) Is the 1.5" vent required for the vanity, or will the wet vent supply...
  11. Tdy.617

    Retrofit Basement Shower Insulation

    Online research regarding correct basement insulation methods that avoid moisture intrusion is what prompted this post. My question is regarding the best method to retrofit a portion of insulation removed from stud framing behind the side of shower stall in basement bathroom that faces...
  12. zoom216

    Is basement bath rough in properly vented?

    I'm trying to determine if the shower in our roughed in basement bath requires its own vent before I finish the framing of the rest of the basement. In the attached photo, taken before our house was finished, you can see the connections for the sink, toilet and shower which are now underground...
  13. Hawk47

    Existing drain too shallow for new basement bath?

    I am getting started on adding a basement bath. I tore up the concrete where I plan to tie into the existing 4 inch ABS main drain; about 3 feet from where it leaves the house. The existing pipe is much shallower than I expected: At this location, which is the farthest downstream where I can tie...
  14. eabouk

    Building Basement Bathroom. Need Drain Advice

    I am planning on closing in this area around the toilet and creating a full bathroom. I am very handy and have had experience with plumbing before but not when having to deal with the basement floor. I was wondering if I am able to install drain plumbing above the floor in the layout I've...
  15. Ryan Wendorf

    Basement Bathroom Venting

    Hey Guys, I'm finishing my basement, and adding a bath in the process. I'm hoping to get some help with drain/vent questions. The current stack is right in the middle of where the new shower will be. I'm moving it against a wall just a few feet away. I'm just a little confused on how I should...
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