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    toto eco toilet & 11.25" rough-in

    Less than 12" rough-in I did a lot of research trying to decide on a low-flow toilet. I was really annoyed to find that the toilet I had wanted so desparately would not install easily into my space with less than a 12" rough-in. I found Terry's web-site and eventually went with the Eco-Drake...
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    Plunging easier in Round or Elongated Toilets?

    I have a plunger like the one Terry showed... ...but I don't know where it is!!! I think it is in the garage gathering dust. I LUV my Drake... ...and it was only about $250 last July...(including the seat!)
  3. GramGram

    toilet options

    Sorry folks.... My Eco-Drake was made in China.... I hate that this is so but I love the toilet... Fortunately, Customer Service IS in Georgia and they are great!!!
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    Kohler Memoirs Flush Performance?

    Guinevere I saw the Guinevere in the showroom. I DIDN'T like it because it has an "old-fashioned" look to it...maybe your wife would like it. Lovin' my Toto Eco-Drake, Sue :)
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    TOTO Ultramax II, MS604114CEFG toilet reviews & pictures

    Just Wondering... What are the advantages of this one over Toto EcoDrake besides Sani-gloss and Cyclone flush? I really like my EcoDrake and I'm trying to decide what to use in my other bathroom. Thanks, Sue
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    Caroma vs. Toto

    Toto Toilet seat vs. another brand Thanks, but I don't want to buy an elongated toilet...
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    Caroma vs. Toto

    EBMUD Rebates Yes, I need to get a second toilet for a hardly used Master Bathroom. I have until the end of December and I'm thinking I should stick with the EcoDrake. After Rebate, the price will amount to 72.00 but we got the self-close seat which was pricey--40 BUCKS!!! I would never...
  8. GramGram

    Oblong stools

    Love my Round Bowl I am 5 feet tall and the ADA hieght bowls leave my feet swinging like a child's. No male vistors (not many visitors of any kind, actually) in my home except once in a blue moon. Toilet space is small so it was a good decision. I almost bought elongated (which is not...
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    Good elongated toilet with lever on front of tank

    But then.... so is the Drake... Lovin' mine.
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    Caroma vs. Toto

    I finally went with the EcoDrake... ...and I wouldn't know why you would wish for a more powerful flush. I think it is TERRIFIC as is. "If it ain't broke, why 'fix' it?"
  11. GramGram

    Drake or Eco Drake

    Love Love Love the Eco-Drake I think I forgot to mention in my other posts that my new toilet is an Eco-Drake and it flushes like a dream....:)
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    New Toilet Advice

    Researching toilets After doing so much research regarding my replacement toilet for my 52 year-old house, I am paying a lot of attention to toilets in public restrooms. (Most won't have a Toto but I found one that did but I didn't know the style.) The majority are American Standard and I just...
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    Soiree vs Ultramax vs Drake

    Toto Drake is a dream After over a month of research and many e-mails to this site, I finally decided on the Toto Drake (1.28 gal. flush) It is SOOOOOO nice! I REALLY wanted a skirted toilet but it appeared to be an issue because of the less than 12" rough-in. I just measured the rough-in in...
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    Toto Nexus vs. Toto Drake

    My Toto EcoDrake was installed this morning You are right. It is a nifty little toilet I didn't get my Dual Fludh but this Drake is a 1.28 so it should be great. I'll see the results with the next water bill. I realy would have like the enclosed skirt for easy cleaning but I'll just have to...
  15. GramGram

    Toilet does not drain right.

    Snaking the line... My plumbing system for two of the toilets in my house has a "clean-out" that is below the toilets and accessible from the basement. I was told that I could snake from there? Is this true? When I had a well-known service out to snake my line (removing and resetting the...
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