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    Mar 27, 2013
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    Laying out my drain system soon for a new house. We need a lift pump. My main gig is home inspection, so I've seen hundreds of lift pump systems over the years. The system my plumber has called for includes a Zoeller 820 Shark pump. I definitely wanted Zoeller, but was shocked at the price on the 820. This location will see pretty limited activity most of the time, as the lower level is unoccupied unless we have visitors. Of course, it may not always be that way for future residents.

    My questions is would you install the 820 Shark at the premium price for your own place, or go with a lower priced Zoeller model? We've got about 6 feet of lift until gravity takes it. One bathroom and a utility sink are installed in the lower level.

    I don't usually see problems at the lift stations when inspecting, but that doesn't mean they don't happen when I'm not around. That would be something that gets corrected pretty quickly if it did quit working.
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