Zep Drain Care Build-Up Remover: Does it work? Ok for septic?

Discussion in 'Drain Cleaning' started by goshenplumber, Mar 6, 2013.

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    There is a 30 foot run of 2 inch PVC pipe from my kitchen sink to the 4 inch pipe that goes through my basement wall to connect to my septic tank. The 2 inch pipe has build-up of material on the walls of the pipe. In Lowes, I saw a product, Zep Drain Care Build-Up Remover, that is advertised to use enzymes to remove this build-up over time.
    (1) Does this material really work?
    (2) Is is safe for my septic tank?

    Thank you.
  2. hj

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    quote; (1) Does this material really work?
    (2) Is is safe for my septic tank?

    1. Not likely, but if it does, it would need a lot of it to stay in contact with the material long enough for it to work There is no way for you to "check" what it does, so it is probably something that does NOT do anything beneficial but at least doesn't do any harm.
    2. Check with the company. But, if it "kills" the buildup in the pipe, it will probably do the same thing to the septic tank.
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    Mar 13, 2013
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    This product by Cantol might work better Zep clears lines and has enzymes for healthy septic tank
    BIO-DRAIN Liquid Bacteria/Enzyme Culture contains a balanced blend of several natural strains of aerobic (bacteria requiring
    oxygen) and anaerobic (bacteria requiring no oxygen to live) high enzyme producing bacteria [which are nonpathogenic (nonharmful) and non-toxic]; plus a powerful deodorant and a biodegradable organic solvent. The ready-to-use 100% active bacteria, when introduced into a waste system, revive, feed, reproduce and generate high amounts of enzymes in the form of Amylase, Protease and Lipase, that digest organic waste matter. In addition, a powerful, hard-working deodorant is added to overcome and control even the toughest waste odours. A biodegradable organic solvent is added to initially help liquefy organic waste. This added solvency is especially effective in dissolving soil that clings to the sides of pipes and drains. BIO-DRAIN is used on a regular established schedule to replace cultures (bacteria) that are washed away or that die off after completing their function. When used according to directions, BIO-DRAIN breaks down protein, grease, fats, sugars, starches and other organic waste: thus reducing solids and BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) while controlling odours. A “portion aid†is provided for accurate dispensing from litres and gallons while a compact automatic feeding and proportioning device is available to dispense BIO-DRAIN from drums. Superior enzyme-producing bacteria cultures plus a hard-working deodorant and solvent system equals an effective waste treatment systemin the form of BIO-DRAIN.
    • Initial Treatment: Use 17 ounces per 25 cu. ft. (156 gals.) capacity or ½ litre per 0.7 cu. m (702 litres). Pour into toilet and flush.
    • Preventive Maintenance: Use 6 ounces (227 ml) per week for every 12 people using the facility. Pour into toilet and flush.
    • If the septic tank has become clogged and is giving off bad odours, add 1 gallon (4.5 litres) directly to the septic tank through the manhole. Add every 3 days until conditions are normal.
    • After the tank functions properly, begin preventive maintenance schedule.
    NOTE: Apply BIO-DRAIN at the end of the day or during the lowest use period.
    Plus they GUARANTEE
    Cantol guarantees its products, when used as directed, to do all it claims. Should the product fail to demonstrate our claims, the remaining material may be returned to us and no charge will be made.

    Cantol's number is 1-800-387-9773 Tell them Shawn referred you.
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