Your thoughts concerning this sink/dishwasher setup

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    I know that this strays a bit off of the plumbing topic, but since it is related to this repair work, I can't think of a more appropriate place for it...

    The former residents of the wall cavity behind the dishwasher (rats, a PO's problem, and they are no longer present.) removed almost all of the insulation. I can easily replace two thirds of it with fiberglass batting, but there is an upper cabinet that I can't really get behind without pulling it down. Anyone have any suggestions? I'll be completing the plumbing work today, and would like to be able to button up the wall.
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    Is the cabinet above where you are working? Is there a fire block?
    If no fireblock, take a stick and shove it up there.
    If there is a fire block, drill a 1/4" hole at the rear top of the cabinet, and squirt in some expanding foam. Use only enough to fill half the cavity, as it will double in size as it expands. Too much, and it will blow the drywall off.
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