Worried about toilet installation

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by remrem, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. remrem

    remrem New Member

    Apr 17, 2008
    We have a cottage that we bought in January. It's in bad shape and we're starting the remodeling in the bathroom.

    We're looking to get everything up and running quickly.

    I'm going to install laminate flooring over the vinyl that is currently on the floor. Laminate will go down quick and there's a few styles that go well with the cottage look we're trying to achieve.

    With your help on these boards I'm hoping to avoid multiple trips to the Home Depot (we're in a rural area and it's the closest store at 15 miles away).

    Here are my concerns:
    1) I'm installing a new toilet. The cottage is older and what will be possible problems with the flange and what do I do to avoid them. Can I replace it quickly if it's in bad shape? Install a new flange over the old? Use a flange extender?
    2) The laminate floor will raise the height of the floor above the flange. Will I need a double wax ring? Should I avoid the wax rings with the plastic horn inside?
    3) What is the best toilet for the lowest price? We're remodeling the entire cottage.... need to save money where we can and will only use it on weekends. We have a septic system also and I want to make sure the toilet doesn't cause any issues.

    Thanks in advance for all the help... this site is GREAT!!!

    I hope I can contribute as I make my way through our remodel.
  2. bigbird

    bigbird New Member

    Jan 31, 2008
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    I just went through this:
    1) If the framing under the toilet is water saturated and rotting, obviously cut out the floor, and box frame and place new plywood around where the waste pipe and flange would go. You'll have to cut the waste pipe and then use a coupler to reattach the waste. Reinstall a new flange at proper height once the flooring is in, or before if you know the finished floor height. If the wood is not rotting and wet, then just use a flange extender. The one I bought came in a kit with both 3/8 & 5/8 plates that can be used separately or stacked.

    2) With the correct height flange only 1 wax ring, without horn, will be necessary.

    3) Can't really comment about best toilet, as price for you might be a consideration. Toto Drake gets great reviews around here. I have an AS Cadet 3 that has been reliable and easy to install and reinstall.
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