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Discussion in 'Drain Cleaning' started by Raymonds, Mar 8, 2014.

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    Hello: I am a newbie to this site and looking for "constructive advise or comments" unlike the other plumbing forum we all know about. I am from the chicagoland area and was always curious to the fact that It seams your area's (west coast) are more accustomed to using the original old school sled type machines (dura cable- Gorlitz) vs the Up-right's Spartan Ridgid etc. I realize a lot has to do with larger distributers in certain areas etc but when it all comes down to "best tool for the job" I feel the sled machines are more stable, direct drive (more durable) and larger Reels are a advantage for the operator. My point being is that in 30yr in this field I may have seen one or two being used In this northern zone of Illinois.. I started out many moons ago with a used O'Brien sled that looked similar to the original Sam Blanc design! it was awkward but, it did the job if you knew how to use it, and kept your mind on what was going on down the drainline, and not what you were going to charge! Would anyone agree or dis agree with me? Thanks for reading.:rolleyes:
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    I prefer Sled style drum machines vs the upright style drum. Sled machine is more stable, cable feeds in and out easier. I like the open reels also so I can see how much cable I got left and to allow cable to dry and not stink up the van as bad. I also like sectional machines for their versatility, but they are more labor intensive to use.

    My go to machines are the Gorlitz 68HD and the Ridgid K60 if the blockage is in the building sewer.
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