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    Last weekend, I was cleaning the tub and rinsing with the handheld shower. I pulled a little too hard, and water started leaking near the handle. I didn't want to take it apart without a new hose, so bought a new one (slightly longer so it would reach the corners easier). When replacing it, I figured out that the inner plastic hose had gradually been pulled out from under the compression fitting, and with a little work, I could repair it. Basically, now I've got a spare. This is a Grohe, and it lasted for about 5-years. Looking at it, knowing what I now know, it would last for a very long time.

    At the handle end of the hose, there was a mushroom shaped plastic fitting that was hollow - it had pulled loose. I slid the outer housing back so the tubing was even with the end, then pushed the plastic fitting in which wedged the tubing between the pipe and the fitting, holding it together.

    Hopefully, this may help someone else save some money replacing a hose that could easily be fixed...
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    The hoses usually break about 3" from the end, so that also works for that situation. In that case, however you have to pry the insert out because it is not already loose, then pull the inner hose out and cut off the split section. Finally, reassemble the pieces.
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    Grohe has a lifetime warranty any thing after Jan 1 1997.
    You could bring the hose back to where you bought it and get a new one.
    Just in case you didn't know.
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