Whirlpool flamelock water heaters

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    Had the famous, pilot won't stay lit problem, thermocouple....etc Well after researching around, and taking the unit apart, I went looking for thermal couple, no one really had the exact part, bought it at lowes, have had it for about 2 years, this is the first time I have had a problem, they have a universal honeywell thermocouple that should fit 90% of water heaters, and with my luck I would be in that 10% that it didn't, so I did some research....and perhaps found some usefull info for DIY and matbe some pros having the same problem, as many know American Water Heater makes the unit, so I bypassed all whirlpool and lowes stuff and went to this site


    Hours of operation:
    Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
    Saturday - Sunday: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
    * Eastern time zone
    1-800 999-9515
    FAX 1-800-999-5210

    Has pictures of everything you ned to do, trouble shooting, what evrything looks like step by step, this site worked well for me classic do it yourselfer, pretty mechanical, 3 wrenches,1/4 ratchet and socket for the 2 screws on manifold door a pair of pliers, vacumm and a flashlight the only problem I had was the neoprene seal got a little stuck and some came of
    so that was my delema, well this site came in great, tanks and parts covered full for 6 years, they are sending me the whole manifold door assembly, no questions asked, at first I was just asking for thermocouple and seal, then figured what the heck and asked for the whole manifold door assembly, guy from india, spoke great english though, Says no problem sir sorry for your inconvience, we will be sending overnight for $20.00 shipping ( I consider this a small price, yes inconvienent but stuff happens, I can live with paying the shipping) so another DIY project will be completed in about 20 minutes in the morning, without a computer I would be lost ( I am 51 and recently unemployed, jewelery master model maker (another China casualty) and tell my son all the time if I had one of these at your age(hes 15) I would have been wealthy, I miss not being able to run to the local hardware guy, have a coffe and pick his brain for info, I may not like the changes, but it's the way this world roles, so I do my best to try and fit into Lowes & Home Depots of the world (who usually are very helpfull when asked info) the customer service from india , who I have to admit was pretty knowledgeable about the flamelock product LOL :) so all in all its an inconvience, but will occupy some of my free time and allow me to savor another DIY money saver job accomplisment. hope the info. is helpfull to someone.

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    you sound fishey....

    I wonder...
    do you work for American water heaters??

    you sound way too happy about having to mess with this problem
    and it certainly is not that easy a repair for anyone

    or...are you one of those fellas that answers the phone
    for them in india??...
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    Tanks a lot

    We get a lot of work thanks to Whirlpool. :) I (installing Bradford-White, Rinnai, Navien & Noritz).
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    Okay this guy's post is freaking me the F out. How could anyone be gainfully unemployed and happy about their product purchase failing?

    If you're a canadian ******** for depression meds just go ahead and drop the link and get it over with!!
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