what is the max distance from p-trap to vent?

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  1. bhirt

    bhirt New Member

    Apr 22, 2005
    I'm installing a new shower in my bathroom. I have a 2" drain that i'm building into the showerpan, and I'd like to connect into an existing drain that's about 3' from the the showers p-trap. It will be a straight run from the p-trap to the drain and I will be able to vent right above the drain and hook into it with short sweep 1/4 bend into a horizontal wye. I've read that for 1 1/2" you can have a distance of 3' 6" between ptrap and vent and for a 2" you can go up to 5' Do those distances sound correct?

    Thanks for all the help. This forum is a great resource.
  2. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 17, 2004
    Bothell, Washington
    1.5" Max trap arm length is 42"

    2" trap arm length is 60"

    3" and 4" max trap arm length is 72"
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