Well pump pressure switch short cycling

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I have a deep well with a submersible pump. Well part number is S10P4HS10221-01 (hopefully that info stays irrelevant for as long as possible.).

The pump tank is a ProFlo PF-32 which is 10.5 years old.

There is a fancier than me water treatment system ultimately attached to it with 4 components. The 3rd component (Puronics branded) connects to a salt brine tank (4th component).

The 3rd component decided to run all night (my self installed Sense Monitoring system alerted me to this). My bad for not knowing all of my water treatment equipment but I have posted that question in other forums and received no real help. Hopefully a complete understanding of my water treatment system is not important at least over the next few days while I troubleshoot.

I went to get a drink of water this morning and it was salt water.

I unplugged and reconnected component 3 and it is no longer running continuously.

The water tastes fine now but the pressure switch cycles almost immediately. Will cycle at like 41 psi per the gauge if I had to guess.

What can I test out next?

I am reading to check the pump tank I need to drain the water. The only thing is the pressure tank is below grade and I don't have a sump pump. I want to reserve that sort of testing as a last ditch effort based on that in case I have to perform that test more than once.

Any idea what I can check before calling in a pro?

There aren't very many "professionals" around here but plenty of unprofessionals.

I cleaned up the terminals to the pressure switch but that did not help.

I have some experience with well water systems and would like to try and to work through this myself as much as possible.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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10 years is twice what most people get from a proflo tank. The diaphragm in the tank is bad, which is what cause the rapid cycling. You can just replace the tank, or you can solve the cycling problem by adding a Cycle Stop Valve.

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