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I have a Jacuzzi above ground pump for my well. The pressure switch a 40/60, would not kick on or off. So, I unplugged the power to the well. Took picture of the electrical on the old pressure switch for reinstall of the new switch. I drained the tank. Then I Removed one end of the 1/8 inch pressure line from the switch, unhooked the wiring and removed the switch. I put in a new hundred pound psi gauge. The new pressure switch does not operate? I drained the holding tank and checked the pressure in the pressure tank which is at 27 Psi before turning on the water to test the switch The first time. By the way, What actually causes the switch to start working for the 30/50 pressures? I manually flipped the switch’s contacts and the pump began to run.
The pump kept running until I finally unplugged it. The pressure was then at 70 pounds. I drained all the water again double checked the pressure in the tank. The same thing happened. The third time I had to manually flip the points in the switch to make it run and again. The pressure switch would not shut off until I disconnect the power. I removed the 1/8 inch pressure line from the switch and from the pump to make sure there was nothing in that line and reinstalled it. The next time I tried to fill and check it I had to manually hold the contacts over the entire time for the pump to work so I could get some water in the house .


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A regular pressure switch will just turn on the pump anytime the pressure gets down to 30 in a 30/50 or 40 in a 40/60. If the pressure is lower than that the pump should just come on when you turn on the breaker. If there is a little lever on the side of the switch, you have to hold it until the pressure gets above 30 or so. The tube to the switch can also be clogged. But if not, there is something wrong if it went to 70 and did not shut off or you have to manually close the switch to make the pump run.
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