well and irrigation system gone bad, need help!

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  1. Tedz241

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    May 9, 2006
    I had a well installed back in 1995 along with an irrigation system. As of now I have no water pressure at all and what little water that trickles from the hose and sprinkler heads are rusted.. The name of the pump is Goulds Jet Pump Model C48L2DB11A4. Could the well have gone dry? All my neigbors have a well and irrigation systems and there wells are gushing water out of there sprinkler heads, I have nothing! Is there something I could do myself instead of calling someone out that I can't afford now?? I just put fertilizer down and we haven't had much rain.. I NEED WATER NOW!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :confused:

    Thanks a bunch.

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  2. Bob NH

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    Oct 20, 2005
    New Hampshire
    Is it a deep well jet or a shallow well jet? A shallow well jet has one pipe to the well; a deep well jet has two pipes to the well.

    That number you gave could be a motor number. I could not match it to a pump. Is there a number on the pump body?

    What kind of well is it? Drilled, dug, driven? What size casing? How deep?

    Do you have a pressure tank or are you pumping directly to the irrigations system?

    Can you check the depth to water in the well?

    Do you have a pressure gauge on the pump? If not, you should get one. No pressure gauge is like flying blind.

    The jet could be plugged. If it is a shallow well jet you may be able to clean it by removing the inlet pipe and looking inside to clean it out with a wire probe. If the inlet is not on the centerline, then there may be a plug on the centerline to provide access. If it is a conertible jet, then the jet is on the outside, bolted on.

    If there is a failure in the suction pipe it could lose prime. Try priming the pump.

    You could test a shallow well pump by removing the suction pipe and putting a pipe or large hose in a tub of water to see if the pump will pump water. Put the discharge back into the tub so you can get a few minutes of pumping. Then see if it will pump through the irrigation system.
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