Weird bathroom sink faucet mounting-how to remove?

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Wanting to remove our bathroom sink faucet and handles to replace with a new set. Can't figure out how to remove, if I just need to get these large hex pieces off shanks and unscrew basin nuts or if the faucet is a bottom-mount. It's an old Glacier Bay 3-piece faucet. I cannot see any set screws on the faucet or handles, but the handles do have pieces that pop off the top with philips head screws underneath. Unscrewing those doesn't seem to loosen or give access to anything other than removing the handle.

The basin nuts appear to have a bunch of crud between them and the sink, not sure if it's adhesive or can be removed. There are also the large hex pieces with water connector outlets on the shanks--I can't seem to unscrew these, and a basin wrench isn't helping. Have added WD-40, heated them up with a hairdryer, and hit with a hammer.

How do I get them off? Or might they be a part of the shank assembly and I need to drop the faucets out of the top of the sink?

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