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At our wits end. Remodeled a farm house in 2020, installed the water heater and due to appliances being backordered couldn't move in until Nov. of that year. After a hot shower we noticed a terrible smell. We had the lines smoked, venting tested, used a camera on the lines, all from a local professional plumber. The water has never had a smell, and only after a hot shower do we smell it.
We've also changed the anode rod, drained and flushed with peroxide. We finally gave up and bought another water heater. It was fine for a week and tonight we are smelling it on the new hot water heater after a hot shower.
Im sick. $2,000 we have invested in hot water heaters and still have the same problem. Desperate for a new solution!


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I think you are saying the smell is primarily from the hot water.

While an aluminum+zinc anode contributes less to generating H2S than does a magnesium anode, it still helps SRB generate H2S. You want a powered anode. Given the currently available units, I would be looking at the Powered Anode, Shielded,.118 Diameter X 31.5 SKU: 100111286 AO Smith. This is from just looking at literature. My anode is no longer available, and I like that particular SKU: 100111286 offering because it is 31.5 inches long (vs stubby offerings). That may just be the anode without the power supply. Just not sure.

https://www.hotwater.com/lit/brochures/apcpp18002.pdf brochure overall
https://www.zoro.com/ao-smith-9006247005-kit-powered-anode-9006247005/i/G6908746/ is a kit
So I don't have a polished shopping suggestion for you. This could get you started.

https://terrylove.com/forums/index....izing-extra-attention-to-4-inch-casing.65845/ is my well and plumbing sanitizing writeup, but some of the techniques could be useful even for a city water problem.

Kicking up the temperature of the WH higher than 140 should make SRB not grow in the WH proper, it is not going to kill off the SRB in your whole system. It has to be in the comfort zone somewhere along the water path. The high temperature water adds scald risk, and you should have a thermostatic mixing valve if you do that. Scald risk is worst for old and young.
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