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Hello, hoping to get some answers. I live in an apartment. The washer is in the bathroom. The old top load stacked washer/dryer that was here when we moved in was putting out dark dirty water even if you ran an empty load and seemed to.leave soap in the cloths even after 4 rinses. Also will out of no where get a real perfumy smell in the loads that smells nothing like laundry soap. If you use bleach in the dispenser you will smell it strong for days. If you use lysol laundry sanitizer after about 4 days after using bleach you get this toxic chemical mix smell like its holding the stuff somewhere and mixing together. Sometimes the load will smell like dirty bath water.
The cloths all stink. I've even thrown some away. There seemed to be a coating in my comforter and on a load of towels that smelled strong perfumy and kind of waxy.
Going forward Maintenance came and put affresh in. Seemed OK for 2 loads then started up again. They have now gotten us a new top load stacked washer/ dryer set which is stacked like the old one. First couple loads seemed OK but now doing the same thing. I'm at my wits end with these bad smells. I some how wonder if it's not tied in with the shower as I smell our soap smells and shampoos in some loads.
If anyone knows what this might be I'd appreciate.
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