Wanting to upgrade to a newer valve head. Recommendations?

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I currently have a pentair 255/440i valve and it seems the older it gets, the more issues I have. The most recent issue is I was opening our pool and needed to fill it up a bit, and I come out to see the pool was completely green. I went to basement to see the water softener just happened to be regenerating itself…this is early afternoon which normally it should be doing it early morning. Seems like every time I set the clock it goes off time eventually ( no power outages, etc.) so now I’m considering a new valve that has more modern features. The one now we had someone come in and they replaced the clock several times, saying they have known issues of failing. That said, this valve I have now, what would be a replacement that would fit the same set up I currently have, so I can basically keep the resin tank and brine container? I don’t just want to replace the clock again. Would like something more up to date? Let me add we have high iron and this is a well ( not public water) so when’s the softener isn’t working right, everything starts to turn orange. Otherwise the system seems to manage the iron well. And every so often I put rust out in tank and also resin conditioner. Any suggestions? Thanks I’m advance.
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