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    Apr 22, 2005
    Has anyone here worked in a small bathroom that is a shower/toilet/sink, where there is no shower stall? Currently I have a small 50"x56" bathroom that has only a toilet and a bathtub. I'd like to add a small corner sink and convert the bath to a shower. I was planning on having the entire bathroom tiled and a curtain that would close around the shower area to help prevent water from getting all over the sink and toilet. However, I'm not really sure how i would install the shower pan liner over the toilet drain. Any pointer on where to go for information? All the places I've looked only talk installing shower pan liners in boxed in spaces.

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    Sounds like an ideal situation to use Kerdi. check it out at www.schluter.com

    Basically, you could make the entire floor waterproof with this stuff and the walls out past where the shower curtain would go. It goes up like wallpaper, except with mortar instead of glue, and can go on the walls over standard wallboard so it is fast and easy, then you tile over it.

    Also suggest that you check out www.johnbridge.com . It is imperative to make sure that the joists are strong enough and the subflooring is adequate prior to tiling. You can seek advice on that over at John's site (a friend of Terry's) from their structural engineer and the use of the "deflecto" deflection calculator.
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