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Hi all,

Near my house (about 20 feet away), I have a powerpole/transformer. The 200A service entry comes off the transformer, into the meterbase, and then underground where it enters the house. Right now, the powerpole is in need of replacement.

The power company (just a general type of worker) said the power company may ask me if I want to relocate the meterbase to the property line and eliminate all the overhead wires on my property (which would be beneficial for me). He said they would likely "split the cost" with me. He didn't have any more particulars, but I asked for a site visit with their lineman or field supervisor.

But now I am thinking..... There are two ways I can get power to my house from where they will tell me the meterbase will have to be relocated. One is 275' wire run away from the house entrance and the other is 220' wire run. What size of wire would you recommend between the new location meterbase and the house entrance (200A)? I'm thinking aluminum 300 kcmil if I go the 275' route or aluminum 250 kcmil if I go the 220' route. Thoughts? Are there other options besides upsizing wire?

Now, at the house entrance, there is an external breakerbox/loadcenter and the lugs accept 250 kcmil wire. So, if I go with the aluminum 300 kcmil, should I just put a NEMA 3R junction box/enclosure below the loadcenter and use insulated multi-tap connector to splice in a short 4/0 copper piece to the loadcenter lugs? Thoughts?

Or, is there a completely different way to go about getting power from the property line to the house?

Many thanks. I just want to be very prepared for when I talk with the powercompany and be sure I make the right decisions. Thanks so much!


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On the wire size, check a voltage drop calculator. There's no way to accommodate length other than upsizing wire. The wire size the calculator tells you will be linearly dependent on the actual load you enter into a calculator. On a 200A service for a residence, it's rare to ever draw more than 100A. NEC load calcs are very conservative, except for EVSEs (EV charging stations).

Yes, if you need to upsize wire for voltage drop, but the termination lugs won't accept that large a wire, you just downsize the wire in the termination enclosure, or in a separate box adjacent. There are also pin-adapters for this purpose, if you have the proper compression tools.

Cheers, Wayne
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