Verdict on Delta thermostatic shower hardware

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    Jul 16, 2018
    I'm considering purchasing Delta shower hardware and am interested in getting a verdict on the company broadly, and perhaps also the specific hardware.

    The context is that I'm having a contractor demolish and redo a tiled shower that had serious construction defects in a home I recently purchased. I would like a wall-mounted shower head and a separate, handheld hose-mounted shower head. The flow of water to one or the other can be controlled either on the main shower trim or with a separately mounted handle (all things equal, a separate handle seems nicer). If possible, I would like the main trim to enable me to control temperature and water pressure separately, though that's something on which I may end up compromising for budget reasons. Thermostatic seems to be only a modest price increase over pressure-balanced, so I'm leaning toward thermostatic (I previously posted a more general threat seeking feedback on how to think about the available options:

    I've got a package specced around this Delta thermostatic shower trim:

    Feedback welcome! In particular, I'm not sure how to think about my choices, i.e. how other options might compare to this one.
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