Venting through side wall.

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  1. artmg

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    Jan 30, 2007
    In a previous post I had asked about water lines but they are the least of my problems. I'm installing a bath on a 3rd floor but not pulling any permits. The new room will be in an alcove with the back wall being the outside of the house. The front wall will be half high then glass block this is the wall that the toilet will be on and no vent pipe will be possible because of the glass block. I can only run the 3" waste line in one direction and that will be between the floor joists. Going in the other direction would mean drilling huge holes in the already small joists. My plan is to put the tub or shower at the back outside wall and have it drain into a 3" pipe. This 3" pipe would continue running between the floor joists about 5' and then connect to a combination tee and y. Into the top of this I would put a stub pipe and closet flange for the toilet. Then a sanitary tee behind this which the sink with a 2" trap arm would drain into. The 3" waste pipe would continue about another 6 feet or so between the floor joists before making a 90 degree turn down to the basement. The question is at the back wall where the tub is can I somehow go out that wall and vent everything. Going up 3' or so above the floor level with a 2" vent pipe wouldn't be a problem because I'll have the back wall of the tub to go through. I know this isn't legal but I can't go through the roof or even to the existing stack. I have thought about a mechanical vent, AAV, but I don't want to hide it in a wall and cover it. I've attached a picture so that you can see what I'm dealing with.

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    You're not supposed to have a vent discharging within (I think) 10 feet of a window like that. I've HEARD people running the vent pipe up the side of the house and chimneying above the roof line. There's a high tacky-factor to that, but it could work.

    Why can't you go up the tub wall into the attic? There you might be able to tie into an existing vent penetration through the roof.
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  4. artmg

    artmg New Member

    Jan 30, 2007
    The back wall is an outside wall so I can't go through that it's too cold and besides I would then have to get out on the roof and put a hole through it. I'm doing this job 800 miles away and I won't have access to a ladder and I don't wat to deal with snow on the roof. I can't go through the side wall on the right because I'd then have to drill through all the floor joists in order to get the drain line over the 90 degrees it would take. I would rather just have a straight run between the floor joists.
  5. dubldare

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    Sep 14, 2005
    Wow, some of the reasons people come up with to not do a job correctly....
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