Uneven toilet flange

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by jhr1986, Dec 19, 2013.

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    Full disclosure, this is my first time replacing a toilet but it looked easy enough so I figured I could handle it. Now that I've got the old toilet removed I'm not so sure. The metal part of the flange is two pieces, but I'm not sure how the plastic part of the flange attaches to the soil pipe. I figure this flange has to be replaced, but I'm not sure how involved that will be. There is still one closet bolt to remove - it's soaking in PB blaster right now. So is this a fairly easy job that I should be able to handle or is it time for a professional? Here are a couple pics of the flange:

    toilet flange1.jpg toilet flange2.jpg
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    If the toilet will fit over that flange without hitting it, and rocking, you could probably just put a new wax ring on, use some new flange bolts, and go. If the ring is steel and is rusting, then you should consider replacing it. It might be SS (stained, but that's okay). The ring should be attached to the plastic. Typically, it fits into a slot. If the PVC part moves easily, you'd probably want to deal with it, as you'd probably not get a good seal with a wax ring. Something like a Fluidmaster or Fernco waxless seal might work if the ring is solid.

    Ultimately, if the whole thing is loose or rusting, you'd be better off replacing the flange. The pipe should be coming up and be plumb, and if it were attached to the ring, it might be. But, they may have had too much angle on it, and over time, it popped out of the corroding ring.
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