Trying to indentify roman tub rough in valves

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    Oct 6, 2013
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    I have been doing some upgrades to a house I recently inhereted, and havent had any real issues with outdated parts up until now. With this being a roman style tub with the actual rough in behind a tile wall that I have no intention of cutting into to gain access (doing simple upgrades to put the house up for sale) I am just looking to find out what companies of trim I can use, or if there is some sort of adapter to use other companies. From what I have found in my research, I am leaning towards this being a Kohler set up. The house was my dads and he was in the plumbing business so I know that it is going to be a well known and reputable company, and not a one off, out of business brand. Here are a few photos to help you identify.

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