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  1. Gordonk

    Gordonk New Member

    Sep 24, 2011
    I have a cabin that has an 84’ well with a submersible pump set at 60’. I am trying to determine the manufacturer of the submersible pump from a copy of the “Pump & Well Record†I have. The handwriting is very difficult (poor handwriting) to make out. The pump was installed in 1989. The pump model number is 25 B16? or maybe 25 BL6? or 25 ???. The pump manufacturer is not given. The pump S/N is 2001788. The motor horsepower is 1 ½. The motor make is Franklin 33684?911 or 3368?1911 and written below that is 08-0410. Does anyone know what brand this pump is or how I might find out? The “Pump and Well Record†does not show who installed the pump. Thanks.
  2. Gordonk

    Gordonk New Member

    Sep 24, 2011
    This is the information as I know at this time. In mid October I plan on doing preventive maintenance and determine flow rates and pressure settings checks. I have had this cabin 15 years and there has been no problems and also no preventive maintenance or pressure setting checks. I know the day will come with a problem and trying to be proactive to understand what I have and how it is set up. The 1.5hp pump seems large to me but maybe not. I will update the below info after mid Oct.

    Cabin Pump & Well Info

    1. Type of pump?
    Two wire (no control)______
    Three wire (control box)_____
    Wire Size_14/3____ Wire Length__70’__
    Jet Pump (above ground)__N/A___
    One or two pipes down the well__1_
    Size of Pump?
    Motor Horsepower?__1.5_____
    Pump Model #_____25 B16? (unable to read)
    Date Pump Installed_12/1/1989

    Pumping from?
    Cistern tank___________
    Pond, lake, river________
    Water Well_______X____
    Depth of well___84’____
    Depth to water_21.5’ (1989)
    Pump Setting__60’
    Pipe Size____1"
    Drop Pipe Material

    Well Recovery Rate____?__gpm
    Well Casing Diameter_____6”
    Rock Well__________ Sand Well__________ Other_Granite Gravel
    Date Well Drilled_8/21/1989

    Well Casing Material
    PVC___6”___ Steel_________ Other_________

    Pressure Tank?
    Bladder or diaphragm tank (one pipe to tank)___X_____
    Size or model of tank_Amtrol Well Xtrol WX302
    Air charge in top of tank, with pump off and water drained____________PSI
    (check with car tire gauge)
    Plain Hydro Pneumatic tank (two pipes to tank, one in and one out)__N/A____
    Size of tank_86 gal

    Pressure Switch Setting?
    On 30, off 50 ________
    On 40, off 60_________

    Pump Control Method?
    Cycle Stop Valve model #____N/A__
    Variable speed control #_____N/A__
    Pump Start Relay (sprinkler timer, no tank)____X_____
    Manually turned on and off____N/A_____

    Pump Protection
    Cycle Sensor___N/A____
    Low pressure cutoff switch (lever on side)__________

    Filters or Softeners____No________
    Before or after pressure tank__N/A___
    Type of filter_______N/A_________
    Bypass available____N/A_________

    Water Used For?
    House Use___X___ Number of baths___1___ Number of People____2___
    High Flow Showers__No__gpm?
    Irrigation with timers___N/A___
    Irrigation with hoses___N/A__
    Heat Pump__N/A_gpm?

    Problems Experienced
    No Water_________________
    Water only part time________
    Water at all times but weak_____
    Air in water_______________
    Pressure surging___________
    Water Hammer (noise)______
    Too Much pressure_________

    Pump makes clicking or buzzing sounds________
    No Sounds______________
    Pressure gauge reading________psi

    Do you have, and know how to use
    an Ampmeter and Voltmeter______Yes_________

    Describe Problem_No problems-in bad need of preventive maintenance & checks-will do P/M 10/2K11
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  4. Clydesdale

    Clydesdale New Member

    Dec 19, 2011
    There are lots of pump manufacturers B16 is likely the ANSI number. 25 is likely the number of stages the pump has. The Franklin control box might show that pump brand name on it; I know that Goulds pumps does put their Goulds sticker on the Franklin control box.
  5. masterpumpman

    masterpumpman New Member

    Mar 26, 2007
    Consult and Teach Well Drilling Internationally
    Virginia Beach, VA
    I the pump S/N 2001788 tells me the pump was made in 2001 but that's just an educated guess! Smart pump installers put their business sticker on the fuse box, control box and tank.
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