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Discussion in 'Boiler Forum' started by Ken Tannenbaum, Apr 27, 2013.

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    I'm in the northeast and have a 20+ yr old oil fired boiler that also heats the domestic water. A contractor's suggesting the Triangle Tube Excellence line and I see it doesn't get excellent comments n a rating's site. Don't know where to turn for advice, so here I am. We have 3 bedrooms, sometimes six people showering in a row. At present it's not a problem but I don't want problems after a switch from oil propane or after buying the wrong boiler altogether. The TT site says the capacity is 180GPH. Is that enough? Also, is it a decent boiler compared to replacing it with a more efficient oil fed boiler?

    Thanks very much.
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    If you read any of the other threads, the first step is to get a proper manual-J heat loss calculation done on the house. Most all 20-year old boilers are 2-4x oversized. IF you want to maximize efficiency, this is REQUIRED, not just a suggestion. If you read through here, you'll find lots of people that were talked into oversized units, thus spending more upfront and then having issues with longevity (short-cycling is almost certain and highly destructive to the long-term life of a modern boiler when oversized) and comfort. You can get a wag on your heat loss by matching up your oil use verses heating degree days (that calc is discussed many times - use search). You'd want to subtract say a summer month from a winter month to get an idea of how much you used for heating water for showering, etc. Since it's almost never cold enough to use the full output of the boiler, it is often the best way to use an indirect WH to store what you need for domestic use. Also, if you have some vertical space, a drainage water heat recovery system should allow you to take unlimited length showers with a smaller tank. Doesn't help on things like baths, but works wonders with showers.
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    The Excellence has a 14 Gallon Indirect built into it and the boiler has an btu/ht output of 99,000 Btu/hr. Be careful with the literature. They use a 108 degree water temp in the calculation. It will provide 99,000/500/(120-50) = 2.7gpm x 60 Minutes = 163GPH Continuous. Add the 14 Gal Storage for 1st Hr rating. If you have older 3gpm shower heads change them. Also 6 people 10 minutes a shower, keep in mind no heat for that hour..
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