toto soft close, other options?

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    Mar 13, 2005
    i am cracking up that i have done this much research on the purchase of a... toilet!!! i probably wouldn't have if our american standard, piece of soy bean paste (the pictures are so life-like, except for the stripes!), $300 toilet that i installed last spring had ever flushed completely (and by completely, i don't even mean flushing all of our soy bean paste, sans stripes, down. i mean removing the water at from the bowl!) two times in a row! i have replaced everything in the damn thing, even bought a really long flexible wire thingy to stick down my toilet to, as prescribed, remove the clog that wasn't. everytime i flush the toilet for the fourth, fifth, sixth time, i get more and more sure that i will NEVER purchase another american standard. so research, i did!!!! i've chosen (after truly hours of research, gotta love google!) the toto drake.
    my problem is this. i've heard the bad, and a few good about the soft close, but what other manufacturers make a soft close seat that will not only fit the drake, but look like it fits the drake. there is nothing worse than buying an expensive toilet and not having the seat look like it goes with the toilet, except for maybe flushing the toilet 5 times to get some toilet paper to flush down!
    i guess my question, after a severe episode of A.D.D., would be...
    what other toilet seats do people have that go with the drake and how do you like them and how do they look?
    thanks in advance,
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