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I have decided to buy a new toilet for my 12 y.o. son's bathroom. There is a silly banjo shelf above the toilet it at 31" high that has severely limited the choices, not only the total height but wanting space to be able to lift the toilet up and onto the floor bolts or get into the tank in the future to replace parts. The current Toto is about 27 1/2 tall but I don't know if it was installed before the banjo. I had narrowed it down (especially with help from reading posts here) to three TOTO choices wanting elongated, 1.28 or less (live in CA), and regular/standard height, but each still seem to have potential issues:

MS604124CEFG Ultramax II - has tornado flush, but is 28 3/4" too high? Without the lid it would probably be an inch less? Also, we are a family of fairly short folks and I've seen complaints about the universal height seat, which this is

CST776CEG Drake 1.28 - has the tornado flush, is regular height seat, but it 29" with the lid - would this be hard to install, or could the base go on first and the tank slipped in after at a slight angle?

MS854114EG Eco Ultramax - does not have tornado flush, but is only 27 3/16 with lid so likely would fit and is regular height

I was all set to go with the Ultramax II, but have also seen complaints that if you need to plunge it, plungers won't fit right and many people get splash back from the bowl shape? I can't tell if these are from older shapes of these same model numbers.

Any other model/brand suggestions for an elongate, regular height seat, good flushing power, but short enough overall to be installed under a banjo?
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I had the same issue one time with my main bathroom. I installed the bowl first then placed the tank on the bowl. I still had room to remove the lid and reach into the tank. I installed a Kohler Wellworth standard height, but that was over twenty years ago.
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