Toilet Clearance in Utah

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Nick Evans

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South Jordan, UT
Hi All,
I'm in Utah, and it's my understanding that we use the 2018 IRC Residential Code
Which appears to indicate a minimum of 21" clearance between front of toilet and anything else.
I had a bathroom remodel company come give me a bid, and they claimed a minimum of 30" clearance is required?
I see some modifications to the 2018 IRC Residential Code, but I'm not finding anything that states a 30" clearance.
Does anyone know where this code modification may be written down?

I acknowledge more room is ideal, but I'm working in a tight bathroom space, and that 9" difference will determine whether walls have to be moved, so I'm keen on finding out if they're being over zealous, or if I'm just not looking in the right place.



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Orlando, Florida
30" is side to side. 15" from the center line of the bowl. If space is tight, you can change the bathroom door to swing out to get the 19" or 21" needed. Framing would be ideal at 32". Minus 1/2 for drywall on each side will give you 31".

Toilet Spacing and Design
According to toilet code clearance code requirements, you must install your toilet: At least 15 inches from its center to any side wall or partition. No closer than 30 inches center to center from an adjacent fixture. With a clearance of at least 21 inches from a wall, fixture or door.
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I'm not an expert in IRC, but I agree with you that 21" is what the code reads. I couldn't find anything either way in Upcodes for Utah either.

*Agree with what WorthFlorida said.. quite possible that is what they're referring to.. its usually the more critical measurement in most remodelling that we deal with. But I have had the clearance in front of a toilet come up a few times recently.
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