Toilet cast iron drain too low, now what?

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Hi everyone, I am redoing my bathroom currently and am replacing the old toilet. When I removed the toilet the old flange was completly rusted away so I watched some youtube videos on how to remove cast iron flanges and am 90% complete with the flange removal. Have to go back today and finish removing it with longer drill bits to get the rest of the lead out. Thats not the reason for this post though, my concern is once I have the flange removed the top of the drain pipe is roughly 3 1/2 inches down from top of the finished floor ( the finished floor is polished concrete). I purchased an oatey flange to push into the cast iron hoping it would be long enough but the gasket on the oatey doesn't reach down far enough to make a seal, this is the flange I'm talking about.

So what are my options here? I found these 2 other options, would these work? The first one is a replacement cast iron flange with rubber push in gasket that I think would work the best. This the one I'm talking about

The other flange I'm considering would be another push in gasket but this one differs from the oatey because the seal on the very bottom of the flange so it might make just enough contact with the drain to seal it. This is other flange

Any help is greatly appreciated because I want to do this on my own as I am on a tight budget and cannot really afford a plumber at this time. Thank all of you!
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