Toilet drain too low after taking old flange out. Now what?

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Okay I already typed up an entire novel and I guess it didn't go through so here we go again. I'm renovating my new house and took the old toilet out only to discover the old flange was rusted out. The house was built in 61 so not really surprised by that, I've never replaced a toilet flange let alone cast iron so this is all new to me. I watched YouTube videos and figured I'd give it a go, I got 90% of the lead out from around the drain and almost have the flange out. What I'm more concerned with once I have the flange out is how far down the cast iron drain is from the finished floor/slab (polished concrete). I measured from the floor down to the top of the drain and it is about 2 3/4 inches. I bought an oatey push fit pvc flange that has a rubber gasket that tightens itself from the inside of the drain but I don't think it will reach far enough down to get a proper seal. I found 2 other flanges that might work, will these work?


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