To DIY or trust the pro? Need new softener advice

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I am in need of a softener. I have a 2 bathroom house on well water with 2 adults and 1 baby, and maybe another baby in a year or so. Tested hardness using a solution and reagent test, and got 11gpg. Tested iron using Sensafe Idas Iron and got a result of 5-6ppm iron. Doing my own research and costing for a DIY softener build, I came up with a 64k softener using a 12x54 tank, 2cu/ft of fine mesh resin, and a 5800sxt metered control. Price is 1560 after taxes and shipping.

I had a local well water filtration company come and help me figure out what I needed to address my water issues (I have more issues than just water hardness and iron) and this is where I got confirmation that a softener needed to be put in place of my saltless "softener" (testing at well and after filters proved that saltless softeners are snake oil unless you have already good water). Without doing a water test and without calculating our water usage, he quoted me $1600 before taxes for a 60k softener using a mechanical day clock valve (unsure what specific valve, but I assume it's a mechanical 5600 variant).

Am I saving money and getting a better softener doing my own diy choices? Or am I missing something and the 60k softener a better choice? I asked if he needed to test my water for more accurate iron content and he said "no, it is adjustable". To me that sounds like it will work, but may not be the most efficient softener choice. Any help is appreciated. And whoever that smart ditto guy is on this forum that I've learned my limited knowledge from, please give me your wisdom haha. I just don't want to throw money at something that isn't the best option for my family
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