Titan E85 went bad

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Hi everyone. Thanks in advance for your help. I have a Titan 85 Tankless Water Heater that now appears to be broken. I am in the middle of a bathroom remodel of my condo in Miami Beach. In order to do some of the plumbing work in the bathroom, we had to shut off the water to my entire unit. When we turned the water back on, the hot water wasn't working. My contractors were busy with the bathroom, so I had the company that installed the water heater come take a look. This water heater is less than a year old. The original installer said, "It looks like your bathroom contractors shut off the water, didn't shut off the circuit the water heater was on, and now its burned out and needs to be replaced". He then asked me if my contractors knew what they were doing, saying that there are always safety measures that should be taken before shutting off the main water supply.

My questions are:
1. Is shutting off the water to my condo and not turning off the electric to the water heater really enough to break the unit? It seems odd to me that these units will just burn out and break vs. having had someone engineer an automatic shutoff if there is no water flow and/or it's getting too hot. Is not having an automatic shutoff a fire hazard?
2. Should my bathroom remodel plumber have checked anything in my condo, like if I had a tankless water heater or not, before proceeding with the water shut-off and the bathroom plumbing work?

Thank you!

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Assuming you have an electric on demand water heater vs a gas powered. *edit* (I looked it up and provided a link below)

Any electric water heater with a resistance type immersion heater element will burn out as a safety precaution. The element itself is the fuse that breaks the path of electrical current.

A plumber should always check to see what type of water heater you have before turning off and draining a water system

Its likely that the element can be replaced.


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