Tie water heater drain pan into utility sink standpipe?

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Hello all, first time here...

Doing a basement remodel and the boss (wife ) has requested a new laundry room.

I'm moving the washer and dryer to make the setup more useful, and raising the floor to match the height of the existing finished floor.

I've removed the water heater to get the floor raised, and now need to connect it asap so we have hot water while I finish the rest. Would like to not have to drain and move it again. (Though I will be connecting with flex lines this time, so at least there's that.)

Now, my question is: can I tie the drip pan line into the nearby utility sink, above the tee? There was no drip pan before, and the utility sink line ran to a floor drain that is now below the raised floor. I plan to tie the utility line into the washer drain, which will run along the wall behind the water heater and into the nearby stack.

Second question for y'all: the sink wasn't vented before, as it had no trap. It will have a trap now, and I believe I will need a vent.

My plan currently calls for the water heater to be raised on a wooden platform to about 14" off the floor for drainage requirements, then connect with a sanitary tee into the sink drain just above the trap. This will then connect to the washer drain as it passes, using a wye and bend. The soil stack is about 1.5' downstream of that connection. ~7' total from washer standpipe to stack.

What have I missed? Any options I've overlooked? I'd really rather not drill through the tiles to drain into the floor drain.

Thanks y'all!

Edit: tried to upload pics but they are too big.


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A water heater T@P cannot be tied in a drain. It has to be an air gap.

If your discharge pipe from the T&P is 2" above the pan then the pan can be connected to a drain line as long as it is trapped and vented. Check local codes first
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