The dentists and the lawyer

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    Two dentists and a lawyer got on the plane. The lawyer took the aisle seat, and took off his shoes. After they were in the air, one of the dentists said, "excuse me, I want to get a Coke." The lawyer told him, "Stay there, I will get it for you." As soon s he was gone the dentist took one of the shoes and spit in it. When the lawyer returned he gave him the Coke and sat down. Just then the other dentist said, "I think I will get a Coke also", and the lawyer went to get him one. The dentist took the other shoe and spit in it and then put the shoe back. The lawyer came back and gave him the Coke then sat down for the remainder of the trip. When the plane landed, he put his shoes on and immediately knew what they had done. He turned to them and said, "Come on guys, we are professional men. Shouldn't we be past kid's pranks like spitting in shoes and peeing in Cokes?"
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    that's funny !
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