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I have a T-K3 tankless heater using LP gas (no remote). It is in a vacation home mounted outside (recessed box) so gets relatively little use (in Napa, CA so mild winters). Hadn’t used it in while 3-4 months. When I turned on the hot water tap, it would fire up and produce hot water (and hot air from the exhaust), but only for a short while (20-30 seconds, and then go cold and sometimes heat up again in 10-20 seconds and sometimes not).

I opened it up and tried to increase the temperature from 131 to 140 - just to see if that helped (by adjusting the dip switch’s as shown in the manual). I also drained the unit and tried to clean the cold water inlet filter but wasn’t able to pull out the filter cartridge (after unscrewing the cap, when I tried to grab the filter cartridge with needle nose pliers/screwdriver, the black plastic end cap of the filter just started to break off… not sure maybe it is suppose to screw out instead? Manual didn’t say how to remove it ). I also hit the electric reset button.

Anyway, I closed it up and turned the water, power and gas back on, but now it won’t even ignite when I open a hot water valve. The blower/fan goes on and I can hear the rapid click of the igniter clicking on (at least for a little while) but no ignition. The error code says 111 error (ignition problem). I think there is sufficient water flow to run it (when I shutoff the water at the hot outlet, it shuts the fan/heater off).

I spoke with takagi support, friendly but not that helpful. They suggested pulling and cleaning the burner and ignition rod (and descaling). Manual doesn’t give any directions on how to do either. Also advised maybe not spending too much money on servicing (versus a new unit).

I asked about replacing the unit - T-K3 is discontinued model and tech said that the replacement model will not fit inside the recessed box T-K3 box (it is roughly 14” wide 9” deep and almost 43” tall) uggh…. the takagi unit itself is 13.5” wide, 8” deep and 21 inches tall (not counting exhaust vent).

Grateful for any suggestions for troubleshooting, replacement, servicing thanks all


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Your using lp? Tanks have any pressure? 3 screws and flame rod can be removed. 1st and 2nd pic the three wires thats the flame rod.
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