1. NapaProject

    Takagi error code 111

    Hi I have a T-K3 tankless heater using LP gas (no remote). It is in a vacation home mounted outside (recessed box) so gets relatively little use (in Napa, CA so mild winters). Hadn’t used it in while 3-4 months. When I turned on the hot water tap, it would fire up and produce hot water (and hot...
  2. David Hollman

    Takagi T-H3 - occasional ignition failure (code 111)

    I have a Takagi tankless water heater that has had 4 failures to ignite over a period of 1-2 months. It is a T-H3-DV-P which burns propane and has outdoor intake & exhaust. In each case when I discovered the problem it showed error code 111. To remedy the issue all I needed to do was turn it...
  3. Greg Lovern

    No clicking sound, no ignition

    I have a Lennox furnace that was installed probably in the early 1980s. It has an intermittent pilot light. Normally when it's trying to ignite, if I'm standing next to the furnace I hear a repetitive clicking sound; several clicks per second. Then I hear a whoosh as the pilot light ignites...
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