1. Notshure

    Takagi T-H3J-OS-P (Outdoor) second hand, where to install 120v?

    Received heater from someone who installed it above altitude max. Had error codes. Gift yeah:/. looking at instruction manual shows simple electrical install. now, this looks like a bottom junction box with two wire nuts to secure 120v +ground. There are not any wires available on mine...
  2. NapaProject

    Takagi error code 111

    Hi I have a T-K3 tankless heater using LP gas (no remote). It is in a vacation home mounted outside (recessed box) so gets relatively little use (in Napa, CA so mild winters). Hadn’t used it in while 3-4 months. When I turned on the hot water tap, it would fire up and produce hot water (and hot...
  3. TheOverThinker

    What threading is the Takagi filter - need to flush via it - TK-03-os

    I have a standard Takagi TK-03-os ( https://www.takagi.com/media/48120/T-K3-OS.pdf ) tankless unit. I'd like to flush it, but there's no cleanout or valves. However, I can do this if I can adapt and screw into the filter port. Anyone done this, and know the size and threading of that port...
  4. Elwood Wiles

    Sidewall Venting Through Concrete Wall

    Howdy, I am getting ready to install a Takagi T-K4-IN tankless water heater in my basement. I've ordered and received the Category III venting pieces, including back flow preventer, 90 degree elbow, wall thimble, and terminator hood. My original plan was to mount the unit to the concrete...
  5. David Hollman

    Takagi T-H3 - occasional ignition failure (code 111)

    I have a Takagi tankless water heater that has had 4 failures to ignite over a period of 1-2 months. It is a T-H3-DV-P which burns propane and has outdoor intake & exhaust. In each case when I discovered the problem it showed error code 111. To remedy the issue all I needed to do was turn it...
  6. Niccio

    Concentric venting for tankless water heater

    Hello, I've got a question I'm hoping someone with more experience in tankless heaters can help with. I'm doing an install of a Takagi 310c series heater. It calls for concentric vent pipe made by a certain manufacturer. Has anybody used pipe from a different manufacturer? It looks like the only...
  7. GDunk

    IBC, Takagi or Rinnai?

    In getting quotes I'm getting different recommendations. IBC has been the most recommended. Any feedback? We have a 1800 sq ft house, two full baths and live in Vermont. Is Takagi really sized for heating? We have one for on-demand hot water and it's served us well.
  8. KI7OM

    UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) for a Takagi TK-3

    I have a TK-3 installed and am considering installing a UPS on the AC power line to the unit. This would provide a power backup for a limited amount of time should we loose power. It is unlikely that we would lose our natural gas supply and electrical service at the same time. I have a number...
  9. Steven Hendee

    Takagi Dead?

    I have a 15+ year old Takagi TKD20 that suddenly stopped working this evening. No Green/Red light, GFI seems operational when I trip it. Also, both fuses are in tact. Bad Circuit board? Thanks for any ideas, Steve
  10. JV228

    Takagi T-KJr not working

    I moved into a house about 1.5yrs ago and in 2006 a Takagi T-KJr was installed to heat the water for the faucets and shower only. Last week it just stopped working, at first no water was coming out the faucets at all then later on that same day we got water but it wasn't heating up. I took off...
  11. turiya ananda

    Takagi tankless nightmare

    Just read Monty's nightmare with his Takagi unit in 2006. Eleven years later. WTF, has there been no improvement whatever to this company's products?! The box of nightmares in my utility room has finally driven me completely insane. If I only had a shotgun...
  12. DustinH

    Fluctuating temp during shower

    My wife and I just had our old water heater replaced with a Takagi T-K4U-OS-N. When showering, I noticed the system tends to go from hot to luke warm to cool and then back to hot again. Also, when we initially ran a bath for our daughter, the water started out hot then just went completely cold...
  13. rustlerski

    111 Error - Takagi TH-3

    This morning I found myself with no hot water and found the 111 error on my Takagi TH-3. It sounds like the gas valve solenoids are functioning and I believe I hear the ignitor very faintly (hard to hear over the unit). I'm not seeing any spark or flame. I've had the unit about 22 months and...
  14. Tyson M

    Outdoor tankless okay to install in crawl space?

    I'm looking into getting a Takagi outdoor tankless unit and I'm thinking about installing in my crawl space. The crawl space is conditioned but the access to it is outside, so temps can get pretty cold down there. I wanted to do an outdoor unit to eliminate the existing venting up into the attic...
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