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    May 21, 2009
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    Superstore hired new salesman. At the end of his first day the manager asked how many customers he served. He responded "1". The manager asked how he was going to survive with only one customer, every other sales person had at least a dozen sales.

    "I sold him some fish hooks, and then a fishing pole. He didn't have the right clothes so I sold him clothes and sunglasses. He was going to fish from shore so I sold him a boat. He didn't have a vehicle big enough to pull the boat so I sold him a truck. He spent about a $100,000."

    So the manager replies " You turned a fish hook sale into a $100,000 sale? "

    "Ah no, he came in to buy tampons for the Mrs. I told him since his weekend was already down the tubes he may as well go fishing."

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