Cartridge ID Help and Noise Question (after a "fix")

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Hi all,

So I had a plumber/handyman (from Angie's List - their Angi's Plumbing option, as they had the availability) come out to investigate the continual drip from the shower outlet pipe. The good news is he did manage to fix it... but he left me with another issue he blamed on "air in the pipes" - even after running the water for about 5 minutes.

He did replace the springs and the cartridges in the old faucet, and that seems to have resolved the drip. However, he replaced them what appears to be a generic/universal Glacier Bay model (he didn't leave the packaging though I asked him to do so)... they obviously aren't what was in the faucets originally, which has no details on the trim. So if I can get help identifying the cartridges (Pics below), it would be appreciated. Pics of the faucets themselves are on the below thread:

And now, whenever just one of the faucets is on (Hot or Cold), it sounds like there is a vibrating (more than a squeal) sound, and I can feel the faucet vibrating a touch. The potential issue for me is my wife loves hot water (she has our Rinnai tankless water heater set at 120) and uses no cold... but you have to open the cold a bit to reduce the noise to a squeal, or, if open enough, it will eventually go quiet. Could this be due to not having a perfect fit of Cartridge? The noise did not happen prior to having the drip/leak fixed.

Thoughts, advice, or questions for clarifications are appreciated...


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