Summary of some State Plumbing Laws about Water Efficient Fixtures

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    In 1994, it became illegal to manufacture a toilet that used more than 1.6g/flush, limited the water use for vanity and kitchen sink faucets, and other restrictions. Many states have adopted stricter laws, and you should check with your local inspector about what is required where you live. This link at the end has a listing by state of the current (as of date of posting) rules regarding what you can and cannot do with regards to remodeling or new construction. Some of the states prohibit sale, import, or installation of any plumbing fixture that does not meet certain rules. Some have more stringent requirements than the federal rules. Not knowing what is required could cost you a lot of grief. There are some companies that make qualifying stuff that looks retro, so if that's your goal, it is likely a better choice. California is considering a mandatory retrofit of non-compliant fixtures.
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    People that pull the pre-1994 toilets and replace with the lower GPF units are seeing savings on their bi-monthy water bills. Some water districts have offered rebates for removing the large tank toilets.
    Recently I went to a Forest Service ski area to replace twenty of the old 1960 wall hung toilets. They had put in a new water treatment and wanted less flow from the chalets. Often times, it's a matter of building new treatment centers, or removing the old toilets from service.
    It saves tax dollars when the old toilets are landfilled. So the choice is:
    A lower water bill and lower taxes when old toilets are disposed of.

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