Suggestions for perpetually clogged toilets

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by bbruck, Dec 21, 2012.

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    Having read all the reviews here, I purchased three toto ultramax sanigloss toilets for our house over the past five years. The newest is less than a year old. The problem is my 11-year old daughter. Her bowel movements constantly clog all three toilets. It's not a matter of too much toilet paper. It's single long, hard, large bowel movements that simply clog the toilets. I've never seen anything like it. None of the rest of the family have the problem - the toilets work perfectly for us. And - sorry to be so graphic - but if you look at the product before it's flushed, you can sort of see why it might have this effect.

    The latest iteration was today where I used an accordian-style plunger, hot water and dish soap, and the 5' expensive snake that Home Depot sells. Finally the water is flushing, though it's clear that there's still a blockage because it's flushing pretty slowly.

    I have two questions.

    First, for my immediate problem, what else can I do?

    Second and almost more importantly, how can we prevent this in the future?
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    If you can't resolve the medical situation, then there aren't too many choices. ONe is to swap at least one of the toilets to a Caroma - personally, they aren't as nice as the Totos, but they do have the biggest trapway of any readily available toilet on the market. While not the nicest thing, you can keep a supply of throw-away paint stirrers and chop it up before trying to flush it, or live with it as it is. With some people, adjustments to their diet can make a big difference but that's harder to get young children to follow. As an inexpensive experiment, try two heaping teaspoonfuls of Metamucel before going to bed mixed into a full cup of water. Double-check with the doctor, but this may resolve the problem. I've tried some of the other products, and found them to just make things harder, but this stuff holds a fair amount of water and keeps things soft (but not runny). It does help. May not be the answer, but won't hurt, isn't expensive, and might. Makes it less traumatic when away and then clog someone else's toilet, too.
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