Submersible pump running continously

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    Apr 1, 2010
    Can anyone help? I have a pressurised water system in my home. The switch on the control box of the pump in the water tank in the attic cut out today and since switching it back on the pump is continously running (more than 2hours). is this normal or how long does it take for the system to become pressurised again?Will this damage the pump or should i switch it off?
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    The pump should not take longer than a few minutes to bring the pressure up to normal if everything is working properly.

    How is the water pressure? It sounds like the system is not pressurizing fully because you have a leak. If this is the case it is likely that the drop pipe in the well is leaking. It is also possible that the water level in the well has dropped to a point where the pump is not getting any water.

    Allowing the pump to run too long when it is not moving water will cause it's demise.
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    If the pump runs continuously it means one of several things have happened.
    1. The switch has failed, in which case the pressure in the system will increase to whatever the pump's cutoff pressure is.
    2. The pump has failed and cannot build up pressure in the system
    3. The well water level has dropped and there is no water for it to pump, in which case the motor seals will be destroyed since they will not be lubricated.
    4. There is a leak somewhere and the water is not going into the system.
    5. There is a valve closed between the pump and the pressure switch.
    Any time the pump is running without water flowing through it will cause the water to turn to steam and damage the pump impellers.
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