Submergable or deep water jet pump

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    Our well has a submergable pump set at 100 feet in a 4 inch casing, the problem we have is the screens on the pump build up a redish scale which causes water flow problems. This also creates a problem when trying to pull the pump because of buildup of this scale at the water line of the casing. The water is used for irragation only and have used it for 10 years with no staining of concrete or buildings. My queston is can a deep water jet pump be used at 95 to 100 feet with any kind of flow rate around 10 gal min ? Having to pull pump every 3 to 4 years is a pain when it gets stuck every time. Pros and cons about the two systems please.
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    I always favor the sub over the jet but in a case like yours I might choose the jet. Although whatever clogs the sub screens will eventually get into and clog the jet nozzle. The jet nozzle is very tiny, like a little bigger than a match head and is a frequent cause of failure. When it plugs the pump will do no more than 30 psi and it will have to be removed and cleaned.

    You might try a "slimline" 4" pump, which I have never used. It's supposedly a bit smaller than a std. 4" pump but I'm not sure what advantage they give since the motor is the same size.
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    Don't go backwards, Subs are best! You could remove the screen from the intake to prevent the clogging. Then every several months or once a year super chlorinate the well by mixing five gallons of water or more with one gallon of household bleach and pouring it in the well then turn the pump on until you smell the bleach in the water. Then wait 12 hours and pump the well until clear and you no longer smell the bleach. This will eliminate much of the buildup.
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