Storage Tank and Pressure booster with tank configuration

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  1. Steve Browne

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    Mar 24, 2017
    The low volume and low pressure varies in what the city water delivers. I want to install a 500 gallon storage tank and a pressure tank and booster to deliver water to the house. How would I configure the pipes, valves, tank, pump and pressure tank?

    Thanks for your help
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    You have several choices. This Olde House showed one option in one of their shows that you can probably find at their website to had a small bladder tank and a pump in a self-contained package. The bladder tank was there so that small volume uses wouldn't require the pump to run each time someone opened a valve, at least until the bladder storage was exhausted.

    Or, you could treat it just like a conventional well, with a pressure switch, bladder tank, and pump. In this setup, just like on a well, the pressure would vary between the turn-0n and shut-off settings on the pressure switch.

    It might be a viable use of a cycle stop valve, well-pump, and small(er) bladder tank. Once the pressure started to drop in the bladder tank, the pump would turn on and stay on, holding the pressure constant until you stopped using water, and the upper limit was again attained to shut the pump off via the switch.

    It depends on the method you choose, how it would have to be installed, but they are all similar. OUtlet of the tank to the pump, run into a bladder tank and control system. You'd need a check valve to prevent pressure and the water stored in the bladder tank from just pushing back into your storage tank.
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