Splicing pump wiring

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    Aug 21, 2018
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    Just curious what techniques you guys use?

    - Some places say to crimp each side of the butt connector TWICE, not once.

    - Crimp and then solder or just crimp only?

    - Cut your motor leads short to leave them long?

    - Stagger your splices or splice them all in the same position?

    - I saw a guy heat shrink a long piece over all three of his smaller heat shrinked splices. Huh?

    - Any issues with water getting in the outer jacket of double jacketed wire?


  2. valveman

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    Mar 15, 2006
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    If the un-insulated butt splice connectors are long, you can crimp twice on each end. I don't use the long butt connectors and only crimp once on each side (no solder). If you have really long motor leads and you don't cut them off, your wire maybe short for the next pump which may have shorter leads. I use the standard 48" lead and do not cut them shorter. Longer leads I would cut shorter. Staggering is nice, but not necessary on small pumps with plenty of clearance in the well. A heat shrink on each wire then a large one over all the wires is a good idea. Keeping the water out of the outer jacket is good if you can. I don't use heat shrinks. I use Scotch 130C rubber tape. I can tape those three wires and then tape them all together before you can get the torch out for the heat shrinks. But if you are not good with this tape and keep the wrinkles out, heat shrinks are better and easier.
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